Ordering & Delivery

At Colorado Classics, our delivery service is rather unique. First of all, the store owner himself, Chris Burkett, is part of the delivery crew. With Chris on the delivery crew, you can be assured that your new purchase and your home will be well cared for. On many of our deliveries, we will bring along other items that our customers may be interested in purchasing, such as end tables, lamps, artwork, or other accessories. This gives our customers the advantage of seeing several options in their home, with their new furniture. By taking advantage of this service, our customers are assured that these accessory items will look great because they are able to see it all put together before they even make their purchase.

For out of state customers who are purchasing a single piece of furniture, we will get a freight quote for shipping. For those purchasing large quantities of furniture, we will deliver. We have delivered as far west as California and as far south as Southern Arizona!