Colorado Classics About

Hello! My name is Chris Burkett, and I am the founder and owner of Colorado Classics. Nearly 20 years ago, my wife Vicki and I started thinking about someday building a new home…a home with a real western look and feel. We soon realized that furnishing a new western styled home would not be easy to do as there were no stores in our state, or even in neighboring states that fully addressed this niche. So, in May of 2008, we opened a new western furnishings store in West Des Moines, Iowa by the name of “Colorado Classics.”

Why the “Colorado Classics” name? Because the primary styles for most of the furniture and decor offered at Colorado Classics are styles that one would expect to find at a store in Colorado. Many of our furniture lines are “Western” in one way or another, For instance, we offer the “Mountain Lodge” look, “Ranch” and “Cowboy” styles, as well as “Southwestern” and “Santa Fe” looks. In addition, we have many furniture lines that work well in Traditional, Contemporary, Tuscan, Old World and Western Contemporary styled homes.

When customers visit Colorado Classics for the first time, one of the frequent comments we hear is “It’s so comfortable here…so warm and relaxing!” I believe that this is a natural reaction to the fact that so many of the pieces in our store have been crafted in such a way as to place a strong emphasis upon the magnificent beauty of God’s creation. Take a look at the beautiful Tri-Color Brindle Cowhides, the incredible beauty of the onyx stone lamp shades, the gorgeous wood grain of the “live edge” tables, and so on. Man cannot even begin to attempt to duplicate these beautiful pieces, but it is comforting to know that God has created all of this beauty for our enjoyment, and hopefully the natural beauty of these furnishings will serve to make us ever mindful of Him and His Glory.

Come to Colorado Classics and experience the comfort and the awesome beauty of His creation for yourself!
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